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Cupcakes for Charity
Locals buy sweet treats to support kids in need
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Robert Bell hangs out behind the Frost Bakery counter among boxes of cupcakes to be picked up by locals looking to give back to the community. - photo by Photo Contributed

How much is 99 dozen cupcakes worth? For the Bell Real Estate Cycling Team, $2,700 to purchase bicycles for kids in need this Christmas.

Nearly 1,200 cupcakes were consumed across Turlock and the surrounding communities Wednesday in an effort to raise money through a partnership between local cyclists and Frost Bakery.

“This is our second year doing the fundraiser and with the proceeds we purchase bikes and helmets for kids, which are then donated to the Salvation Army to give out during the Turlock Together efforts,” said Robert Bell of Bell Real Estate.

Turlock Together is a conglomerate of local businesses, churches, nonprofits and organizations which share the aim of providing for the less fortunate during the holiday season through collaboration with the Salvation Army.

By taking orders in the weeks leading up to Wednesday at Cycle Masters in Turlock, Oakdale Bike Shop, as well as the Frost Bakery Turlock and Modesto locations, the team was able to beat their former record of selling 63 dozen cupcake,  which provided 23 bikes and helmets to kids in need last year.

“But the cupcakes are only the first part,” said Bell.

In the weeks leading up to the holiday season the cycling team is also accepting donations online through their GoFundMe account. The page features a spoofy holiday video created by the cycling team to encourage locals to continue to donate to Turlock Together. Thus far, the team has raised $1,150 dollars, just over one-tenth of their $10,000 goal.

To contribute to the Bell Real Estate Cycling Team’s holiday fundraising efforts access and click the “donate” link.