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Denair native finds calling in television production
boston ems pic
Emily Wynn is part of Lincoln Square Productions, which is behind Boston EMS airing on ABC. - photo by Photo Contributed

Growing up in Denair, Emily Wynn had an early interest in live theatre and earned her college degree in business administration, so it may have seemed odd to her that she was making her living earlier this year by riding around in ambulances.

Wynn is part of Lincoln Square Productions, which is behind “Boston EMS” airing on ABC. Now in its second season, “Boston EMS” gives viewers an up close look at the work performed by the men and women that serve as emergency medical technicians in the Boston area. It was this same group that responded to the critically injured Boston Marathon spectators three years ago when the bombs went off.

“Working with the EMS staff was an honor, they are a dedicated group of people who truly represent the city well,” Wynn said. “I was thankful for the unique opportunity to meet many wonderful people in Boston and getting to experience a new city.”

As a field producer for the show Wynn was involved in every aspect of the show from the daily runs to treat a trauma victim to the relatively calm editing room.

“For this show I moved to Boston for several months, worked directly with our camera crews who rode in the back of the ambulances on a daily basis, as well as interacted with the EMS teams and staff,” Wynn said. “I also followed up with patients and watched the raw footage in preparation for editing the stories.  I then came back to NYC and worked in edit with the production staff.”

Wynn said the experience introduced her to some of the unsung heroes of the medical field and the miracles of modern medicine.

“Watching EMS revive a patient from a heroin overdose with Narcan was incredible,” Wynn said. “Upon arrival the patient had not been breathing for an unknown amount of time, within two minutes the patient was awake, speaking and fully functioning.  Thanks to Narcan and the quick response by EMS their life was saved. 

“I encourage everyone to watch 'Boston EMS' for the amazing insight it gives into humanity,” Wynn continued. “Watching the interactions between the EMT, Paramedics and patients not only teaches important facts about medical emergencies but encourages a deep appreciation for the necessary role EMTs and Paramedics play in the community.”

In addition to “Boston EMS” Wynn has worked on a variety of shows including “Barbara Walters Presents: American Scandals,” “Who is Donald Trump?” “Adnan Syed: Innocent or Guilty?” (Documentary on podcast Serial Season 1), “Shark Tank: Swimming with Sharks,” “Miss America Live” and will next be working on a two-hour documentary focusing on ISIS and its impact on the world.

“Boston EMS” will air its two-hour season finale at 9 p.m. Saturday.