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Denham in campaign to end hate and discrimination
Jeff Denham

The “I Won’t Stand For…” movement by television network USA is out to send a message to the world encouraging people to fight against racism, bullying, sexism, heterosexism, religious intolerance and other forms of discrimination. Gaining in popularity across the nation, hundreds of politicians, actors, athletes and every-day individuals are joining the campaign, including Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Turlock).

In the campaign, those taking the pledge submit a video of themselves wearing a t-shirt that says “I Won’t Stand For…” with a form of discrimination written in the blank. After saying what they are against, the people featured in the video sit down, symbolizing their fight against inequality.

Denham, who appeared in the PSA campaign promoting the network’s Characters Unite Month, took the opportunity to help give a voice to US veterans.

“As a veteran, I won’t stand for abandoning those who have served our country,” said Denham. “I am honored to support our veterans and ensure that they receive the support, benefits and respect they are due. In working with USA Network to promote greater awareness of the needs of those who have dedicated themselves in service, my hope is that our message will resonate across the state of California and lead to greater understanding and progress.”

Featuring appearances by other members of Congress, the PSA campaign also includes many notable actors, athletes, and musicians. “I Won’t Stand For…” continues USA Network’s award winning five-year public service campaign to combat hate and discrimination.

“This Characters Unite Month, and throughout the entire year, we are honored to use the power of media across multiple platforms, to continue to shine a brighter spotlight on injustice and inequality and to inspire more people to become a force for positive change,” said USA Network senior vice president of public affairs Toby Graff. “We’re especially grateful to all of the amazing talent who has joined the Characters Unite month.”

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