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Dialysis center could be newest addition to Turlock industrial park
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What is now an empty field could soon be the building grounds for a dialysis center, the latest addition to the Turlock Regional Industrial Park. - photo by CANDY PADILLA/The Journal

Those needing dialysis treatments may now have a closer location to go as the City of Turlock Planning Department is presently reviewing plans for a nearly 10,000 square foot building in the Turlock Regional Industrial Park.

“It’s a standard size lot, the other businesses around it are comparable,” said City of Turlock Planner Brenton Gibbons who noted that these types of businesses are encouraged at the Turlock Regional Industrial Park.

Those with unhealthy kidneys utilize dialysis treatments as it performs the functions that failing kidneys cannot, such as removing waste and excess water from the blood.

L Street Architects will be constructing the 9,996 square foot shell building at 2350 Maryann Drive where land is currently fallow.

“Another team will end up doing the interior design of the dialysis unit itself because it’s a very specialized project,” said architect Robert DeGrasse of the firm. “Because the design and technicalities of the dialysis unit are very intricate there are teams that specialize in this design.”

L Street Architects has created three dialysis centers in the past decade, most recently the Satellite Dialysis in Ceres said DeGrasse.

There are several dialysis centers in Turlock and the region because of the chronic nature of the patients’ needs, meaning accessibility is most important when constructing the centers.

“It doesn’t really matter where they are as a percentage of people drive themselves or are brought by medical transports and stay three to six hours before rotating through,” said DeGrasse. “You’re looking more at land value, zoning issues, and availability when selecting a location.”

DeGrasse hopes construction will be complete by the end of the year pending the Planning Department’s approval.