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Doggie daycare and more at Top Notch Kennels
doggie daycare
An Alaskan Malamute was able to beat the heat on Tuesday thanks to a few sprays of the hose from a Top Notch Kennels employee. - photo by ANGELINA MARTIN/The Journal

Name of business: Top Notch Kennels

Type of business: Dog boarding facility

Location: 1118 S. Tegner Rd., Turlock

Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Saturday; 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday

Contact information: 209-656-1960

Specialty: Canine care and education

History of business:

Sometimes, our furry friends need a home away from home. That’s where Turlock’s newest boarding facility, Top Notch Kennels, steps in.

Leaving your dog in the care of others takes trust, which Top Notch Kennels owner Lisa Moore knows all too well. That’s why she decided to expand her boarding facility – which has operated successfully in Modesto since 2002 – to Turlock, providing services like dog boarding, daycare, grooming and training in a safe, caring environment.

“We have a pretty high number of Turlock clients that have been pretty devoted and have made the drive to us in Modesto for years, so they’re happy that we’re here now,” Moore said.

Whether it’s a vacation, a business trip or just a long day at work, Top Notch offers both boarding and daycare services to keep pups active while their owners are away. Spacious suites serve as the perfect spot for power naps, which come in between hour-long play sessions for dogs who are boarding. At daycare, dogs can spend either a half or whole day playing in both indoor and outdoor play yards.

We’re all about making sure that when you’re away, your dog may not be home but he’s somewhere safe where he’s going to have a good time.
Lisa Moore

At the end of the day, week or however long a dog needs to stay, its owner can expect to pick up a pet who has been well taken care of.

“We’re all about making sure that when you’re away, your dog may not be home but he’s somewhere safe where he’s going to have a good time,” Moore said.

The new Turlock facility can board up to 30 small dogs and 89 medium to large dogs, Moore said, and suites range from standard to deluxe-sized. While staying at Top Notch, pets can receive any medications they may be taking from qualified staff and can bring a “suitcase” of belongings from home, like toys or snacks. At full capacity, boarded dogs are typically taken out to play three times per day and daily report cards are filled out to gauge the pet’s appetite and behavior.

Top Notch also has the capability to board aggressive dogs, who are kept in a large kennel with indoor and outdoor access and treated with care by the facility’s staff.

“Most kennels in town will not board aggressive dogs, and we have no problem boarding them,” Moore said. “We want to keep them safe, secure and have them be treated gently, and if they don’t like to be touched then that’s okay.”

Daycare is one of the more popular services offered at Top Notch and allows dogs to socialize in a monitored environment. By dropping a dog off to play at daycare during work, owners can save themselves the guilt of being too tired to play with their pet at the end of the day, Moore said.

“A lot of people work very long hours and I personally would much rather see my dogs having an active day than being at home all day bored,” she said. “Clients really appreciate being able to drop off their dog, and the dogs just run to the door because they’re so excited to be here to play.”

Boarding at Top Notch Kennels ranges from $32 to $36 per day, and daycare is $28 for a full day and $20 for a partial day (up to four hours). Grooming and training prices are available upon request.