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Dr. Cake finds new home in Turlock
In Business pic
Dr. Chris Cake of Chiropractic & Wellness Center is excited to help the surrounding community of his new office in Turlock with their chiropractic needs. - photo by Photo Contributed

Type of business: Chiropractic care


Location: Chiropractic & Wellness Center, 203 S. Golden State Blvd., Suite A


Contact information: 209-664-1200


Hours: Wednesdays and Fridays, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


History of business:

When local chiropractor Dr. Sargon Malek invited Dr. Chris Cake to move his practice into the newly constructed Chiropractic & Wellness Center on Golden State Boulevard, Cake jumped at the opportunity to bring his specialty to Turlock.

Cake, who is originally from Ukiah, lives in Oakdale and prior to beginning his practice in Turlock operated successfully in Fairfield for 11 years and in Modesto for two. The chance to move into a brand new building was a chance he couldn’t pass up, said Cake. His new office in Turlock features a hi-tech X-ray unit and high ceilings, giving the building an aesthetically pleasing appearance both inward and outward.

“It’s an awesome new building. It’s the best-looking office in the whole city,” said Cake. “Right now, I’m trying to meet people, get to know people and introduce myself to the city.”

While some enter the field after going through an incident where they require the care themselves, such as car accidents or work injuries, Cake’s interest in chiropractic care began when an acquaintance of his was going through schooling to become a chiropractor. At the time, he was selling wine for E & J Gallo Winery and wanted to “turn a new leaf.”

“I got tired of making people drunk and wanted to make people feel better through chiropractic care,” said Cake.

Cake specializes in improving his clients’ capacity to operate at their highest potential, he said, and he does so by improving blood flow throughout the body. Often when the body’s immune system is not working properly, the cause of the problem can be traced back to the spine.

“I educate them on how the body works,” said Cake. “Sometimes with trauma to the spine, bone puts pressure on the nerve and can block the message from the immune system to the brain.”

Cake’s main focus is helping to alleviate the pain of his patients, and while many doctors do so through medication, he zeroes in on what is actually causing the pain rather than the pain itself.

“If I focus on what’s causing the pain and on how you function, then that means you’re going to have a better way of life,” he said.

X-rays and research are two methods Cake uses to get to the root of his clients’ problems, asking each of his patients about their history and what may have caused the pain they are experiencing, whether it be a fall from the monkey bars at age nine, falling off a horse at age 30 or any other type of traumatic event that may have begun to take its toll as time passes. In order to help, Cake determines what parts of the spine are out of alignment and readjusts them.

“I call it ‘Chiropractic CSI,’” said Cake. “If there was something you blew off and didn’t get care for and now all of a sudden you’re having really bad problems, I look at what may have caused it.”

In addition to relieving pain, Cake and his office also provide wellness care to help with weight loss, which includes a cleansing program to help those looking to get fit change their lifestyle.

“It’s not just about helping people with their spine, but other issues as well,” said Cake.

Helping others with their chiropractic and wellness needs has always been a passion of Cake’s, but the doctor is excited to provide his services to a new community in Turlock.

“My favorite part is when I see the smile on people’s faces when their pain goes away,” said Cake. “I’m so happy with the opportunity to be in this office and to help the people of Turlock.”