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Ediths Taxi offers a ride with the soulful taxi lady
Edith Parks can be found cruising around town with the sounds of Aretha Franklin emanating from her windows.

Name: Edith’s Taxi

Type of Business: Taxi Service

Hours: Dependent upon customer requests

Contact Information: 402-0377

History of Business: Locals looking to get from point A to point B in style need to make just one call to Edith’s Taxi.

A self-proclaimed “soulful taxi lady,” Edith Parks has been in the taxi business for several years in the area and while her route changes with each customer she always offers her passengers one thing: the tunes of soulful artists, such as Aretha Franklin.

Having grown up singing in her church choir Parks claims to sing “all day and all night” and is always willing to discuss her passion for music with her riders.

“I’ve had people ask me to drive them around just because they don’t want to get out of my car because the music is so good,” said Parks.

Although cabs are still sought after by locals for a variety of reasons such as the evening crowd looking to make it home safely, Parks has faced difficult times due to the recent downturn in the economy and the increase in the number of cabs servicing the area.

“It’s a big issue for everyone,” said Parks.

Parks separates herself from the crowd by offering locals a soulful experience and not limiting her services to one particular area.

“I take people whenever and wherever they want to go. I never turn down a customer as other taxi services have been known to do,” said Parks.

This includes those who may not always have the proper change on hand to pay for their services, such as elderly folks walking the streets in an attempt to leave their nursing home.

“I’m partial to kids, the handicapped and elderly people,” said Edith. “If they can’t always pay that’s okay because I believe if you do right by people it will come back to you.”

Business Specialty: Friendly service and flexible routes