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Employees shocked by car wash's sudden closure
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It was supposed to be just another day of work for Turlock resident David Whiting. After five years of washing cars at Reflections car wash on Geer Road, Monday was supposed to be no different.

However, upon arrival to work on Monday morning something was very wrong.

Instead of seeing cars being washed, water splashing on windshields and the roar of water pumps, Whiting was instead greeted with closed doors, a stripped car wash facility and an insurmountable amount of confusion.

“It shocked the heck out of me,” said Whiting. “We were all completely blindsided.”

According to Whiting, owners Param and Sunny Saini closed the operations of the carwash  without prior notice to any of the staff, leaving 15 employees without a job.

Whiting said that both owners would regularly reassure the staff that the operations were doing fine and there was no cause for worry.

“They were telling me that everything was okay,” said Whiting. “I kept asking and they would say everything is fine.”

Whiting said he had an inkling that Reflections was not actually doing as well as the owners suggested.

He noted that his doubts came to fruition when one of the four water pumps was removed from the property three weeks prior to the alleged closing.

 Along with the pumps, the property was also cleared of the industrial size vacuums, water tanks, and the pipes connected to the vacuums, according to local activist and community member, Linda Taylor.

“They are literally gutting the place,” Taylor.

James Whiting, a former employee of the business, said that he was subject to being underpaid for the hours he worked.

“They would make me wait three or four hours before they put me on the clock,” said Whiting. “Sometimes they would pay me $25 for four or five hours of work.”

Employees received their final checks on Tuesday, according to Whiting, and the bank has placed a sign of foreclosure on the property.