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Envy Fine Clothing: Thinking outside of the gift box
Kimberlee Jones, assistant manager at Envy Fine Clothing, helps Krista Messer select a family to sponsor this holiday season.

While individuals are rushing to complete their holiday shopping, Envy Fine Clothing of Turlock is asking customers to consider allocating some funds from their Christmas lists to sponsor local families in need.

While Envy has been sponsoring families in the community for several years, this is the first time that the store has reached out to its customers for help. With efforts through Facebook, Instagram and in the store, Envy has capped off its family nominations at 15 but are still searching for more sponsors. While there are no exact qualifications for families in need, many of those nominated have faced recent hardships such as a fire at their home. 

“Right now times are hard and a lot of kids want nice things that their parents can’t afford. So our customers may pull together a reasonable priced outfit at our store which would mean a lot for the child for example,” said store manager Marie Nash, though sponsor purchases are not limited to the Envy store.

This is not the first time Krista Messer, marketing specialist for the Ceres Courier, has sponsored a  family at Christmas time. She and her sister have purchased groceries for families in need through local churches for years. This year Krista and her sister are sponsoring three families, one of which lost all of their belongings in a house fire.

“I like helping the community, especially during the holidays, for those who are less fortunate,” said Messer.

Sponsors are put into contact with the family to help fill their highest priority needs and interests. Nash and a friend are sponsoring an elderly woman who enjoys old movies and are pulling together a gift basket for her while Messer and her sister are focusing more on the essentials. Envy is also accepting donations for lightly used items in the store including blankets, clothing and toys.

“The owner just has a really big heart and is always looking for ways to give and she thought that she would put it out there for the community to be aware of. What used to be an event among friends and family has grown,” said Nash.

Those interested in sponsoring a family can call Envy Fine Clothing at 632-2752 or come into the store located at 227 East Main St. in Turlock .