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Fireworks to light up Turlock night sky
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In a little over a month's time, Americans all around the country will sink their toes in summer grass and look up into a night sky illuminated by fireworks. Turlockers will be doing no different at this year's free community fireworks show, scheduled to be held on July 4 at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds.
The fireworks show, which was previously hosted by the California State University, Stanislaus, campus, is now put on by efforts from the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds, City of Turlock and the Turlock Convention and Visitors Bureau.
The university stopped hosting the event in 2009, due to budget cuts and lack of funding.
Darris Lee Bishell, a Turlock native and student at the CSU Stanislaus campus, explained that the cancellation of the event broke a yearly tradition for many families.
"I do know that a lot of families in Turlock have a tradition of watching the college fireworks show," said Bishell. "So I think canceling might have been somewhat of an inconvenience for those families."
After the termination of the university show, the continuation of the event was doubtful, but efforts by the Chamber of Commerce, the Stanislaus County Fair and the local community helped revive the event.
Representatives at the Turlock Chamber of Commerce stated that although the chamber will not be directly fundraising for the fireworks program, they allotted a community fundraising grant to the fairgrounds. The grant will give $5,000 to the Stanislaus County Fair to plan and organize the event. The total estimated cost of the fireworks display is around $15,000 and attendance is estimated at 5,300.
The gates are scheduled to open at 6 p.m. and the event will include free admission and parking, live entertainment and an assortment of food vendors. The actual fireworks show will start at 9:30 p.m. and all community members are encouraged to come and watch with their families.
"The fireworks show is a way for the community to come together for a patriotic event," said Adrenna Alkhas, marketing and communications director at the Stanislaus County Fair.
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Before the colorful night explosion, holiday revelers can view the Independence Parade organized by the Turlock Property Downtowns Association. The parade, which will start at 10 a.m. on Palm Street and travel west down Main Street. The event will also include a car show, live entertainment, a "kid zone" at Central Park and numerous street vendors.