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Footers adds 'Kap Dog' to menu in honor of local NFL star
Kap dog pic
Main Street Footers employee Molly Amant prepares a hot dog.

Just five starts into his National Football League career, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is already making his mark on professional football.

And soon, the Turlock-bred Kaepernick will make his mark on a local menu.

Main Street Footers, the Turlock landmark hot dog restaurant, announced this week it will honor Kaepernick with his own ‘dog – the Kap Dog.

The Kap Dog was the brainchild of Footers owner Glenn Newsum, but restaurant staff quickly got on board with the concept.

“We all pretty much are 49ers fans,” said employee Molly Amant.

The specific ingredients of the Kap Dog remain to be determined – Footers is holding a community contest to find the best dog. Entries can be made online at, or in store at Main St. Footers.

Already, more than 30 entries have been received, according to Amant.

“We’re looking for the one dog that captures who he is,” Amant said.

Some of the entrants attempt to evoke the red and gold of the 49ers, with ketchup and mustard. Others have seven ingredients – a reference to Kap’s number. At least one has suggested a sourdough bun, straight from San Francisco, while another has mandated the use of Hilmar Cheese, which employs Kaepernick’s father.

And some entrants dip into the land of exotic ingredients, suggesting toppings like cactus and shrimp.

“People are really getting crazy,” Amant said.

The best entry will win a free hot dog, chips, and soda for each month of 2013.

The winning dog will be announced on Jan. 7, in honor of Kaepernick’s number, and just in time for the NFC divisional playoffs.