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Former Olympic rower opens marketing firm
ali cox
After opening a marketing firm in New York City, US Olympian rower Allison Cox has returned to her hometown of Turlock to focus on agricultural marketing in the Central Valley with her firm, Ali Cox & Company. - photo by Photo Contributed


Name of Business: Ali Cox & Company

Location: Downtown Turlock


Hours of Operation: By appointment only

History of Business: Utilizing her leadership skills as an Olympian rower, Turlock resident Allison Cox has dedicated herself to developing organizational marketing processes and strategies, having founded the boutique marketing agency, Ali Cox & Company LLC.

Serving New York City, Northern California and the Central Valley, Ali Cox & Company has expanded over the years, having gained three agriculture clients since May 2013 when Cox relocated to Turlock from New York City.

“After working at two marketing agencies in New York City, I decided to take the plunge and start Ali Cox & Company from my studio apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan,” said Cox. “Although scary at first, I leveraged my relationships that I gained while working in New York City.”

While in New York, Cox worked alongside Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Emanate Public Relations, IMG Worldwide and a tech startup.

In 2013, Cox relocated to Turlock to be closer to her family and focus on agricultural marketing, gaining clients such as Central Ag Products Inc., The California Dry Bean Advisory Board, and a rice company. Other clients of Ali Cox & Company include Turlock’s Swenson Shear, Los Angeles-based, and several others.

“Given my family’s 100 year history of agriculture in the Central Valley, it was a calling I couldn’t pass up,” said Cox. “In marketing, good work begets more good work, and I was able to cultivate a niche as a reliable go-to marketing consultant.”

Cox says that in most cases, she serves as a fractional marketing director for technology startups or medium sized businesses who cannot yet afford a full-time marketing director.

“In most cases, my goal is to help our clients improve their business practices, revenues and build an internal marketing department,” said Cox. “Although we work in the creative space, our job is to help our clients develop their brands and accomplish their sales objectives.”

In 2004, Cox was recognized within the Turlock community as she took to the Olympics with the US Rowing team, becoming a silver medalist at the games in Athens.  Having traveled around the world, Cox has returned to her home state of California and is looking forward to her marketing ventures in the area.

“I’ve found our local Central Valley projects to be tremendously rewarding,” said Cox. “And we love being part of the Downtown Turlock scene.”

Business Specialty: Brand builders with expertise in digital media, brand strategy, digital media, social media, and happy to take on the occasional public relations project