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Foster Farms applauded for environmental practices
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The recycling efforts of Foster Farms has earned them a top award from the California Environmental Protection Agency.
The state agency announced Friday that Foster Farms had won a Waste Reduction Award for its “innovative, environmentally-friendly solid waste recycling programs and policies.”
“We are honored to receive this prestigious environmental award and to be part of such a distinguished list of companies that work every day to become more sustainable,” said James Marnatti, director of Environmental Affairs for Foster Farms. “Foster Farms has a long history of environmental stewardship and this recognition exemplifies the importance of the company’s environmental initiatives in California. At each stage of our operations, we are tirelessly seeking new ways to increase activities that promote recycling efforts and environmentally-responsible operations.”
The awards are an annual program established in 1993 by the California Integrated Waste Management Board, part of the California Environmental Protection Agency, to recognize California businesses that have made significant efforts to reduce waste and send less garbage to state landfills.
Foster Farms has undertaken several recycling and energy efficiency programs over the years to less the environmental impact on surrounding communities.
In collaboration with the East Bay Municipal Utility District, the company developed a process that uses organic waste to generate enough electricity to meet the needs of 4,000 homes each year. The company recycled nearly 100 percent of all its solid waste in 2008.
“A healthy business community is indispensable to our economy, and the steps these WRAP winners have taken toward resource management, recycling, and waste reduction are impressive,” said Board Chair Margo Reid Brown in a statement about award recipients. “All these businesses have managed to make their bottom line greener while helping preserve our environment.”
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