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Gas prices increase for Labor Day
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Motorists were greeted by higher gas prices when they went to fuel up for their Labor Day holiday last weekend, according to AAA Northern California statistics.
The average statewide price of a gallon of unleaded gasoline now sits at $3.11, or six cents more per gallon than last month.
“Consumers are seeing a rise in prices at the pump, thanks in part to an increase in travel over the Labor Day weekend,” said AAA Northern California spokesperson Matt Skryja. “However, it will take a steady stream of solid and positive economic data before prices are likely to break out of the seesaw price changes seen over the past, summer months.”
Locally, the price of gasoline has risen on average nine cents per gallon since last month, when the average price was $2.97 per gallon. It now rests at $3.06.
That increase could have been much more severe, according to AAA Northern California, but rising unemployment rates – and the weakening dollar – have helped to keep oil prices low.
AAA Northern California also notes that Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries officials are “hinting” that their member nations will not cut oil production to raise prices above their current level. OPEC will meet today, however, to discuss their future oil strategy.
Just before the start of summer, on May 16, the average regional price of gasoline was $2.45 per gallon. Last year this time, gasoline cost $3.86 per gallon.
According to AAA Northern California, the most expensive gasoline in the country can be found in Wailuku, Hawaii, where a gallon of unleaded costs $3.73. In Turlock, a gallon can be found for just $2.89 at both Costco on Tegner Road and the ARCO on Glenwood Avenue.
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