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Gas prices on the rise
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Gas prices have risen and fallen wildly over the last month, but are trending higher according to the latest report from AAA Northern California.

Across California, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline now stands at an average of $3.18, up four cents from a month ago and 13 cents from this time last year

“Even though there has been a slight rise in the pump price over the past month, the overall up and down nature of prices across Northern California reflects the mixed signals that exist when it comes to the economy and the demand for gasoline,” said AAA Northern California spokesperson Matt Skryja. Skryja cited uncertainty about the economy and an anticipated heavy storm season as driving factors behind the price of gasoline. Investors have kept the price of a barrel of oil hovering around $80.At the pumps, Californians are paying more on average for gasoline than residents of 47 states, far above the national average of $2.78.In the Modesto metropolitan area, the average price sits at $3.14, up five cents from last month. According to, the cheapest gasoline in Turlock can be found at the ARCO on the corner of Lander and Glenwood avenues, at a cost of $2.93 per gallon.South Lake Tahoe has the most expensive gasoline in the state, at an average price of $3.41, followed by Chico and Marysville where regular is $3.11.

America’s cheapest gasoline can be found in Greenville, SC, and Springfield, Mo. where drivers pay just $2.54 per gallon. Wailuku, Hawaii, has the most expensive gasoline, at $3.81 per gallon.

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