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Gemperle Farms new website aims to engage customers
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Food industry professionals have been faced with increased consumer concerns regarding the source and handling of food products in recent years. In particular, the poultry industry has been in the crosshairs of consumers who want comprehensive information on production details such as hens’ home environment and diet. In an effort to create more transparent relationships with customers, local company, Gemperle Family Farms, has launched an informational and interactive website to educate consumers on eggs.

“Our business has evolved over the past few years, so the new website is an exciting way to showcase Gemperle Farms and the unique way we treat out chickens and eggs,” said President Steve Gemperle.

Gemperle Farms produces several egg varieties, including: traditional shell, enriched colony, browns, organic, cage free, omega 3 and cage free fertile. The company aims to reach various consumer needs and budgets with eggs that are always hormone-free and antibiotic-free.

The new website promotes Gemperle Farms’ core values of sustainability, philanthropy, and happy hens. It aims to educate the public about the family farm’s history and the benefits of consuming eggs which are a natural and preservative free food.

Gemperle said that the website reflects the company’s progressive efforts to keep customers in touch with Gemperle Farms happenings. The website features egg facts, nutrition, and recipes. There is also a blog, videos, employment opportunities, and an interactive feature for kids. The Kids Corner has arts and crafts projects, games, science experiments, and kid-friendly recipes all pertaining to eggs.

“Getting kids involved with what they are eating makes food more fun, and at less than 20 cents each, eggs are an affordable and delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner option for every family,” said Gemperle.

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