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Giant human pink hard hat ribbon creates visual call to action
Emanuel Cancer Center receives $40k donation
pink hat pic
A 440+ person human Pink Hard Hat Ribbon formed on Wednesday launched October Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a visible call to action for EMCORs 9th Annual Protect Yourself. Get Screened Today. campaign. Shambaugh & Son, an EMCOR company, its client Valley Milk, LLC, the entire project work force, and many others, including Emanuel Cancer Center representatives, Gary Soiseth, and Mayor of Turlock donned EMCOR Pink Hard Hats and assembled to form EMCORs signature giant human Pink Hard Hat Ribbon. - photo by Photo Contributed

Pink ribbons are a common sight leading into October, as communities aim to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month. On Wednesday, however, EMCOR/Shambaugh & Son, L.P. went above and beyond to make breast cancer screening a topic of discussion for everyone when the contractor gathered over 440 people donning signature pink hard hats for an oversized, human display of a pink ribbon.

The display was a visible call to action for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and EMCOR’s 9th Annual “Protect Yourself. Get Screened Today” campaign. The event was held at Valley Milk’s new plant construction site in Turlock. 

EMCOR/Shambaugh & Son followed up their awareness campaign by presenting a check for $40,000 in individual donations to Emanuel Cancer Center.

“This is EMCOR’s ninth consecutive year of spearheading the national Pink Hard Hat initiative.  Over the years people have come forward to say they believe this unique way of communicating the importance of breast cancer awareness and screening has had a positive impact on their own lives or that of a loved one,” stated Paul Meyers, Jr., P.E. CEO, Shambaugh & Son.  “Many of our employees wear hard hats on a daily basis for personal protection, and we’re proud of their commitment to wear an EMCOR/Shambaugh Pink Hard Hat in October to raise awareness for breast cancer, reminding women and men they can help protect themselves by getting screened.” 

Joining  EMCOR/Shambaugh & Son were employees of Turlock’s Valley Milk, representatives from Emanuel Cancer Center and Turlock Mayor Gary Soiseth.

“Valley Milk is honored to be selected to join EMCOR for this national Pink Hard hat event,” stated Patti Smith, CEO, Valley Milk, LLC.  

“Today is not about Valley Milk and dairy processing, but is about community.  As a new employer in the community we take this opportunity to give back and share in the fight for a cure, treatment, and awareness of Cancer.  It is coming together for a common cause and being strong together.”