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Gotcha Covered sews their way into the hearts of those less fortunate
Gotcha Covered kicks off their first Quilt Show on Friday at Enclave Community Church. The sewing group makes quilts to give to those in need. This year they also sold a few of their handmade treasures to raise funds for supplies and to support the church’s feeding ministry. - photo by MAEGAN MARTENS / The Journal
With temperatures reaching below 40 degrees and rains flooding the streets of Turlock, many people are left with little shelter or warmth during the winter season. Sharon Bristow saw the suffering some endure during the cold weather and wanted to make a difference. And that is how the quilts for the needy program — Gotcha Covered — began.
The idea for Gotcha Covered started with Bristow’s passion for sewing and her desire to put her skills to good use. She started to attend meetings organized by the Turlock homeless shelter provider We Care and grew more interested in helping the less fortunate.
“I really enjoy doing this,” said Mary Jo Sai, Gotcha Covered member. “It’s nice to know it goes to a good cause and you can be creative with making the different quilts.”
Last year’s Gotcha Covered mission focused on the homeless. This year their mission is to reach everyone that needs to keep warm this winter, Bristow said. The quilts will be given to not only the homeless, but also to families that have homes but no heat.
“Now with the economy the way it is, these quilts don’t just go to the homeless, they go to those that need to keep warm,” said Bristow.
This year the Gotcha Covered program has made 22 adult quilts and five youth-sized quilts with the help of eight active volunteers, said Janet Marple, member of the Gotcha Covered program. About 20 comforters have also been donated to give to the less fortunate. Last year there were a total of nine quilts made.
Along with each quilt, the less fortunate are given a tarp to wrap themselves in to keep dry during the rainy days, Bristow said. The quilt keeps them warm and the tarp keeps them dry.
This year Gotcha Covered also sold some of their handmade quilts in an effort to raise funds to continue the program, as well as support Enclave Church’s weekly feeding ministry.
“It is neat to work on a project, see it completed and know that it goes to good use,” said Megan LaRue, California State University State, Stanislaus student.
Gotcha Covered meets from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. every Wednesday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Saturday at Enclave Community Church, 581 E. Canal Drive in Turlock.
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