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Haunted history explored in Downtown Turlock
downtown ghost walk
The Downtown Turlock Ghost Walk will take folks on a stroll through the haunted history of some of the citys more antiquated buildings. - photo by KRISTINA HACKER/The Journal

Downtown Turlock is known for its delectable dining and plethora of shopping options, but it also has a mysterious and at times eerie past that has some people believing ghostly apparitions stroll the markets and corridors downtown.

Is that cold spot just a fluke of the heating and air conditioning vent, or is it an echo of a departed spirit? Is that creaking floor board from a loose nail, or is it a message from the beyond? For those brave souls the answers might be found on the Downtown Turlock Ghost Walk.

Hosted by the Turlock Historical Society, the Downtown Turlock Ghost Walk will take folks on a stroll through the haunted history of some of the more antiquated buildings, including some of the findings from various paranormal investigators who have prowled through the area looking for evidence of specters.

The walking tour will be led by docents from the Turlock Historical Society as they explore seven different locales in the downtown area, all of which have some form of a haunted history, like the spirit of a woman who likes to make appearances at Main Street Antiques.

“People will point to the same area and say they saw a woman standing there,” said Lori Smith, a board member of the Turlock Historical Society. It’s a mystery as to who she is. It could be that she is linked to some of the items that come and go through here.”

The Turlock Historical Society has been doing the walking ghost tours for several years and it continues to be a popular draw among those looking to add a little fright into their night.

“People love it,” Smith said. “Their eyes always get real big when they’re told about the ghosts said to be in some of the buildings.”

The Downtown Turlock Ghost Walk is set for Friday and Saturday, with tour times set for 7 p.m., 7:30 p.m., and 8 p.m. The walking tour will last about one and a half hour.

Tickets are $20 and all the proceeds will benefit the Turlock Historical Society. Tickets can be purchased at Main Street Antiques at 208 E. Main St.; on the phone at 669-7000; or on the Turlock Historical Society and Museum’s Facebook page.