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Healthcare Hero: Linda Stuhmer
Healthcare Hero pic
Linda Stuhmer - photo by Photo Contributed

When Emanuel Medical Center was sold to Doctor’s Hospital of Modesto (Tenet Corporation), its employees and former employees had no idea how they would be impacted by the change in ownership.  Frankly, neither did the community at large.  However, over the past two and a half years, the transition has been relatively smooth.

That success can be credited to many people but one person in particular: Linda Stuhmer. As general counsel at EMC before it was sold, Linda helped to Shepard the sale through.  The combination of her legal training and genuine commitment to the greater Turlock community helped ensure that the bumps along the way were minimal, and that the interests of former EMC staff and families were always protected.

But, that is Linda.  A quiet giant whose passion and commitment to making sure that the interests of the community and the former employees and their families were always protected.  As CEO of EMC Health, the successor nonprofit corporation following the sale to Doctor’s Hospital of Modesto, her job was to make sure that all the bills were properly paid, that all the rules and regulations of state and federal governments were properly followed, and, most importantly, that the remaining dollars from the sale stayed within the greater Turlock community.

It was also Linda’s job to make sure that the former pension plan of Emanuel Medical Center remained intact.  Today, those assets are protected and invested, with Linda and her colleagues there to ensure the future stays bright.

However, her work does not end there.  Linda is also overseeing the future of Jessica’s House, one of the community’s signature programs to help families in need.  Linda regards Jessica’s House as a spiritual oasis where grieving families can come together to share, talk and heal, both personally and spiritually.  With Erin Nelson leading that effort, Linda is focused on the larger vision and opportunity for this program.  She leads a band of dreamers who understand, appreciate and value the importance of this program and the value it can provide to families both now and in the future.

There is no one more capable and caring than Linda Stuhmer.  She possesses a decisive mind and a compassionate and caring heart – the embodiment of the grace and goodness of what every community wants. Endowed with impeccable integrity and ethics, Linda is truly an amazing person and professional.  She is a true gift.

I know, because I work alongside her in my role as the President and CEO of Legacy Health Endowment.  It is rare that you have an opportunity to work alongside such an amazing person with the qualities, competence and caring like Linda.  She is a healthcare hero watching over the community, and blazing a path forward – never looking back.

Jeffrey Lewis is the President and CEO of Legacy Health Endowment in Turlock and can be found at