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High unemployment marks end of 2009
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Stanislaus County closed out 2009 by recording one of the highest rates of unemployment numbers for the year.
The unadjusted seasonal unemployment rate for Stanislaus County in December was at 17.5 percent, which marked it as one of the worst months for unemployment rates, according to the latest data from the Economic Development Department.
The seasonally adjusted rates for March and November were each 17.5 percent.
Recording high unemployment rates became the norm in Stanislaus County for 2009. The unemployment rate percentage consistently stayed in the teens for the whole year. The lowest it ever got was in September when it hovered around 15 percent.
Other counties in the area faired just as bad if not worse than Stanislaus County. Merced County closed out the year with an unemployment rate of 19.8 percent and San Joaquin County recorded an unemployment rate of 17.1 percent.
It’s not atypical for the Central Valley to record higher unemployment rates in the winter when farm-related hiring is at its lowest level, but EDD Labor Market Analyst Liz Baker said the continually high rates are a symptom of the overall economic downturn.
California had a December unemployment rate of 12.4 percent, which was unchanged from November’s revised rate and up 3.7 percentage points from the year prior. The United State’s unemployment rate remained at 10 percent in December.
Three sectors saw month-over job gains, and eight sectors saw month-over job declines. Sectors with increased employment were: Educational and health services (7,500); Information (2,000); and Financial activities (1,100). Sectors that lost jobs in December, in order of job loss, were: Trade, transportation and utilities (15,300); Other services (8,100); Construction (7,500); Manufacturing (5,900); Leisure and hospitality (5,000); Professional and business services (4,700); Government (2,700); and Mining and logging (200).
The lowest unemployment rate among California counties in December was 7.8 percent in Marin. Other counties with rates below 10 percent in December were Mono, Inyo, San Luis Obispo, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Orange and San Mateo. In all, 13 counties had rates below 11.0 percent. The highest unemployment rate in December was 27.7 percent in Imperial County. In total, 23 counties had rates above 15 percent.
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