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Holistic expo draws in crowds for spiritual healing
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Dozens of residents expanded their minds to the supernatural and found spiritual guidance at the Turlock Holistic Expo at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds on Saturday.

The event drew in over a dozen businesses and wellness providers including nutrition, aromatherapy, life-visioning, energy-healing, astrology, green plant information and psychic readings.

“You experience a different side of self-healing,” said attendee Debbie Brumlow. “It gives you an awareness and different state of mind you never thought was possible.”

Holistic health is an approach to creating wellness, which encourages individuals to recognize the whole person through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of mind.

During Saturday’s event, certified hypnotherapist Cindy Grayson performed hypnosis on one of the attendees, while Brumlow browsed through a selection of handmade jewelry.