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If you build it, they will come
Plans underway for Turlock disc golf course
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If everything flies straight, Turlock could have its first disc golf course by the end of this summer.
According to Turlocker and disc golf enthusiast Jim Schultz there is a groundswell of local support for a new nine-hole disc golf course, which would be located at the west side of Donnelly Park near Dels Lane.
In May, Schultz gave an informal presentation to the City of Turlock Parks, Recreation and Community Commission about the prospect of developing the course.
Schultz will give a formal presentation with Parks and Rec Supervisor Erik Schulze on June 13, and in August the commission will hold a public hearing on the matter.
Schultz said the cost of construction for the course will be between $2,000 to $4,000, and on-going maintenance costs would be very minimal. He also indicated that the park would be free for public use.
"The nine-hole course would be another positive amenity at Donnelly Park," said Schultz.
For Schultz the course is an opportunity to provide Turlock youth with a fun activity.
"This is a great chance for the community to give the kids something to do. The nearest courses are in Modesto and Merced and it will be nice to have one here," he said. "If you want to play mini-golf or go bowling you have to go to Modesto. It would be nice to have something here."
The long-term benefits of the course are even more substantial, according to Schultz.
"It's about building relationships. If you've ever played a round with someone - it's three hours and you get to know a lot about somebody in the that time. It has a positive impact on the community and its exercise," he said.
Schultz said that when the park opens an introduction tournament will likely be held to get the word out about the course.
"There are a lot of players here but nowhere to play," he said.
Schultz is a youth pastor at Calvary Baptist in Turlock and he is the 1998 World Amateur Disc Gold Champion.
In 2009 Schultz and a Turlock-based missionary, Mike Burnam, teamed up with a group of 20 volunteers to build the first ever 18-hole disc golf course in Mexico, located at El Monte Camp in Ticuman.
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