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Incentives for replacing fireplace or wood-burning device
Fireplace Burning

The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District’s governing board approved enhancements to the Residential Wood Smoke Reduction Program by increasing the dollar amount available to Central California residents will to replace their fireplace or wood burning device with an electric or gas device. This grant program includes additional incentives for low-income applicants. 

In Stanislaus County, homeowners can receive a voucher for $2,000 toward a new gas device, and an additional $650 to address specific installation costs. For an electric heat pump, a voucher for $3,500 is offered. An additional $1,500 voucher is available for low-income applicants — a person who has a gross annual income of $30,578 or less (add $10,620 for each additional household member).

The District even offers up to $750 to decommission fireplaces. 

To participate in this program, or call (559) 230-5800.