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JKB Solar aims to show businesses how to be smart with solar
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It’s summertime and the sun is out and while many locals may be only thinking of the sun while they lay poolside, Turlock-based JKB Energy is looking in another direction: solar energy.

As a renewable energy integrator JKB Energy is well versed in the benefits of solar energy, but this innovative energy solution may not be for everyone’s business. This is why JKB has launched a solar quiz to allow businesses to identify if they fit the criteria that demonstrates if solar is a good investment.

"Our website's solar quiz helps to educate and provide accessibility by providing quick feedback, which is always our end goal, regardless if they decide to move forward with JKB Energy or not. We believe in solar and are always looking to help advance awareness across the board," said JKB Energy Manager of Sales & Marketing Chad Cummings.

The main concern for businesses considering adopting solar energy is if it will be fiscally sound. Needs will vary based upon the agricultural or commercial operations, and the JKB quiz will allow businesses to glean insight into whether the progressive energy is a good option for their company. Installment options, which range from fixed ground mount systems to rooftop structures, can be expensive in terms of space as well as funds and the JKB survey aims to diagnose the ideal approach for a business based on its income level and industry.

"We specialize in ag and commercial businesses, which requires a long-term 25 year plus investment in solar.  Due to the capital expenditure, our team analyzes present energy rates, off-set reduction potential, operational space constraints and potential system designs,” said Cummings. “Every business is not equipped to make this investment, however we're in it for the long haul and will look to help develop future strategies - and we'll always bring our local ag experience to each project.”

Companies interested in finding out more about JKB Energy and taking the solar energy quiz can access