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Journal reporter gets sweet start to first person video series
nancy tries pic
Journal reporter Nancy Angel adds the finishing touches to a batch of The Cupcake Lady's maple bacon cupcakes. - photo by FRANKIE TOVAR / The Journal

For the past year I’ve been working at the Turlock Journal writing articles about education and the people and events in our community. It’s been fun; I’ve met a lot of great people and heard some amazing stories. But I’ve always had the itch to do more.

Now, with the ongoing development of the Turlock Journal's multimedia department, I finally have my chance! I just finished taping the very first video of my new segment, "Nancy Tries..."

"Nancy Tries..." will be a mix of business and people features, with a hands-on Nancy spin. I will be temporarily setting aside my objective journalism role and putting myself into the story, literally. I will be working alongside businessmen and women, spending time on local farms and just getting an inside look at what makes this Valley a special place to live and work.

On Tuesday, I followed Turlock’s own Cupcake Lady— Troyce Fraga. Although I've always been a huge fan of cupcakes — and anything with sugar — this was my first experience with seeing how the scrumptious mini desserts are made and sold.

When Fraga told me to add bacon to dozens of maple cupcakes, one thing crossed my mind — bacon?  It baffled me how a tiny strip of fried pork can taste good on a sweet maple cupcake. All it took was one bite to quickly realize why this particular treat was a crowd favorite around town.

It was this oddity that helped me realize that I had become a part of a small town phenomenon. Sure, I was giving out cupcakes for only one day, but in a weird sense I felt that I was giving a little piece of myself as well. It was a satisfying feeling to know that hundreds of customers were going to take home cupcakes that I helped create.

After helping to frost and decorate a few batches of cupcakes, it was on to the mobile side of this bakery.  If you've never had the chance to ride around town in a giant pink truck full of cupcakes, I highly recommend it! Thankfully, no law enforcement stopped us on the way to our destination (I wouldn't want to be arrested for bribing the police with frosting).

When we arrived to our destination at Latif's Restaurant, on Golden State Boulevard,  I saw dozens of happy faces already in line eager to get their hands on the 19 different types of cupcakes we had on display. We carried everything from red velvet, maple bacon, pink champagne, mango chili, almond joy and Aztec chocolate chili. For a straight hour, I hustled to meet the customers' demands by greeting them, packing their orders and sending them off satisfied — all within the confines of a small pink truck.

A rush of feelings came to me during my stay with The Cupcake Lady. I was excited to show people just one of many hidden gems here in Turlock. I was happy to take on the role and highlight all the hardworking people that make our city a great place to live. Truthfully, I was also exhausted and glad to get back to my desk at the Journal office.

This is just the beginning. Make sure to visit to view upcoming segments of "Nancy Tries..." You can also offer suggestions of places and people for me to visit at or by emailing

I can't wait to spend a day with you!