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Kids can earn Slurpee coupons from police

The Turlock Police Department and 7-Eleven stores are partnering up for the summer to reward good behavior from some of the city’s youngest residents.

For the 21st year, 7-Eleven, Inc. is partnering with law enforcement agencies across the country to distribute free Slurpee drink coupons through Operation Chill, its popular community service program. Each coupon can be redeemed for a small Slurpee drink at participating 7-Eleven stores. 

“We are always looking for ways to help our officers build strong relationships in the community,” said Michelle Backeroff, Crime Prevention Specialist. “Operation Chill makes it easy to interact with kids in a positive way. This is a great short and long-term investment for 7-Eleven and for us.”

During the summer months of 2016, beginning the first week of June, Turlock Police Officers will be using the Slurpee® coupons to enhance relations with youth in Turlock by rewarding them for good deeds. Appropriate behavior might include helping another person, deterring crime, acts of kindness or participating in a positive activity in the community.

"Turlock's officers are committed to not only solving crimes, but they are even more committed to honoring those citizens that choose to do the right thing," remarked Mayor Gary Soiseth. "Our partnership with 7-Eleven is the latest example of Turlock's proactive strategy of preventing crime before it actually happens."