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Know Your Neighbor: Sandra Loza
know your neighbor
Sandra Loza is one of Turlocks newest Parks, Arts & Recreation Commissioners. - photo by Photo Contributed

When one of Turlock’s newest Parks, Arts & Recreation Commissioners Sandra Loza, isn’t busy reading or hiking, the 22-year old Stanislaus State student is hard at work pursuing her master’s degree in Public Administration. As a daughter of Mexican immigrants, Spanish was the first language she learned, and she is a product of Turlock Unified School District, having attended both Osborn Elementary and Pitman High School.

Q: What made you want to be on the Parks, Arts & Recreation Commission?

A: I love being involved in the community. My last few years of college I kept busy as a member of Associated Students, Inc. and had the opportunity to work towards creating a stronger partnership between the City of Turlock and CSU Stanislaus. Once I graduated, I wanted to stay involved and when the opportunity presented itself to be involved in PARC I jumped on it! I love that it really focuses on building and promoting a better community in our city through collaborations with different organizations.

Q: What Parks, Arts & Recreation program or facility would you consider the city’s hidden gem?

A: It's really not a hidden gem, but it is my favorite and I'm sure not enough organizations are familiar with it: The Community Events and Activities Grant. It wasn't until I joined this commission that I learned about this program so I'm sure others aren't aware of it either!

Q: Do you think that young people should become more engaged in their community?

A: Of course! When I attended Pitman and was getting ready to apply for college, very rarely did I hear "I want to stay in Turlock because I love the Central Valley." But too often I heard my peers express that they wanted to study abroad, move to Southern California or pursue their dreams elsewhere. I feel that once you become involved and invested in our community, you learn that there is a lot going on in Turlock and there are great opportunities for community involvement and professional advancement.

Q: Where is your favorite place to hang out in Turlock?

A: I love hanging out downtown and at the local eateries.

Q: What is the last book or TV show that captivated you?

A: I'm not sure if a YouTube channel counts as a TV show, but if you want a good laugh, Good Mythical Morning has about 10 or 11 seasons worth of short episodes. I've been watching their videos non-stop!

Q: What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

A: Just a couple of fun facts. I refuse to wear matching socks. My dream is to own snakes and a cow.