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Library encourages summer reading
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It’s that time of year again with the sun ready to shine and all that free time students now have with school out. It is a perfect time to “Make a Splash” at the Turlock Library with three summer reading programs.
There are reading programs for children, teens and adults this year to help people all ages continue their reading adventures.
“It keeps them reading all summer,” said Susan Guest, Turlock librarian. “They don’t lose anything over the summer.”
The “Make a Splash” reading program is for children from the ages of birth to 12 years old. The program pushes children to read 15 minutes a day, Guest said. Parents can either read to their child for 15 minutes a day or the child can read themselves. The parent must sign off on the 15 minutes and after seven days they can bring in their reading log into any Stanislaus County Library to get a stamp.
For every stamp they get, they receive a prize, she said. There are a total of four stamps per reading log, which totals to four weeks of reading, and each child can go through a reading log twice — for a total of eight weeks of reading every single day. This reading program is free of charge and starts Tuesday.
Last year there were 1,181 children that participated in the Turlock Library’s summer reading programs, Guest said.
The second reading program “Make Waves” targets teens from the ages of 12 to 19 years old, she said. Teens will receive a bingo-style reading log filled with different types of books from humor to horror to poetry or short stories.
To fill a Bingo square, teens must read that topic for at least 30 minutes. For each row that they complete, that teen will receive a free bowling pass. Only five passes per person will be given over the summer period. Once the teen reaches a ‘blackout’ where they complete every square on the bingo sheet, they will be entered into a contest to win an iPod shuffle. This program starts Tuesday and ends Aug. 15. “Make Waves” is also free of charge.
The third summer reading program “Water your Mind” is for adults. The program also begins Tuesday and ends Aug. 14. Adults can read a book and submit a book review form to be entered into a drawing for a grand prize. This program is also free of charge.
All participants receive a recyclable bag and a bookmark.  
To participate in one of the three summer reading programs, contact the Turlock Library at 664-8100.
To contact Maegan Martens, e-mail or call 634-9141 ext. 2015.