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Livestock buyers owe fair over $14,000
This goat was exhibited at the 2009 Stanislaus County Fair. Junior Live Stock Auction and Replacement Heifer Sale buyers still owe almost $15,000 to the Stanislaus County Fair for purchases made in 2009. - photo by ANDREA GOODWIN/ The Journal
The 2009 Stanislaus County Fair ended five months ago, but Fair staff is still trying to recoup some outstanding debt from the event. The Stanislaus County Fair is still owed nearly $15,000 by buyers in the 2009 Junior Livestock Auction and Replacement Heifer Sale. This debt could impact 4-H and FFA participation in future fairs.
Buyers have two payment options when they purchase an animal through a Stanislaus County Fair auction. They either pay the full amount up front, or they are sent a bill. They have 30 days to pay that bill in full, or the debt is sent to collections.
Jane Conover, chair of the Stanislaus County Fair Livestock Committee, said that FFA and 4-H participants are paid in full by the fair at the time the sale is made. Fair staff then collects outstanding debts from buyers, who have already received their animal. Conover said that when buyers never pay up, it can hurt the 4-H and FFA programs at the fair.
“The Fair receives money for improvements to the programs. If people don’t pay, then we can’t make those improvements,” Conover said.
As of Tuesday, outstanding payments from the 2009 Junior Livestock Auction and Replacement Heifer Sale equaled $14,975.50. The outstanding debt is significantly higher from the same time last year, when only $3,290.95 was owed by buyers in the 2008 fair.
“It think it’s probably the economy,” said Interim Fair CEO Anthony Leo about why buyers have so much more outstanding debt.
One business alone owes over $4,000 to the fair. Conover said that staff is working with that particular business, and they expect to receive full repayment of the debt. Staff members are in the process of contacting other buyers and sending some accounts to collections. Some buyers, however, never pay out. The money that isn’t recouped is money that doesn’t go back to the Junior Live Stock Auction and Replacement Heifer Sale at next year’s fair.
“We get stuck with the bill,” Leo said.
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