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Local agencies partner to educate consumers on water conservation

With the Governor's recent executive order regarding water conservation and the severity of the drought, the City of Turlock, Turlock Irrigation District, California State University Stanislaus and Turlock Unified School District have joined forces in the coordination of water conservation education and outreach efforts. The partnership aims to maximize resources in order to achieve the common goal of raising customer awareness and promoting changes in behavior that will lead to more water-efficient practices.
The agencies have been meeting regularly to provide updates on individual efforts and to discuss opportunities for collaboration. Examples of combined efforts include: implementing regional water conservation messaging through billboard displays, utility billing inserts and landscape signage, the development of educational materials for distribution through schools, and sharing a presence at community events.
Each of the agencies has enhanced their own respective water conservation programs which include, but are not limited to, the following:
• 62% reduction in irrigation water available to growers in 2015
• Discontinuing lawn watering in areas around TID facilities; implementing drought-tolerant landscaping
• Constructing a Canal Drive demonstration garden to inform the community about water wise landscaping
• Communicating water conservation messaging via billboards and bill inserts
• Partnering with the City of Turlock to incorporate educational kits for schools
• Implementing a plan to use non-potable irrigation water instead of municipal supply in cooling towers
• Nearing completion of project to cycle cooling tower water back into the irrigation supply
• Implementing water conservation measures to reduce water use by 25%
• Utilizing non-potable water for landscape irrigation on 220 acres
• Implemented a watering schedule to further reduce water consumption
• Pursuing approval for programs and branding for education and outreach
• Reduced water use significantly in City Parks
• Utilizing non-potable and recycled water for landscape irrigation throughout the City
• Increased education, outreach and enforcement for water conservation
• Implemented a two-day per week watering schedule
Each of the agencies has a vested interest in the protection of Turlock's water resources. As such, the partnership will continue to work together in establishing, reinforcing and promoting water efficient behavior and conservation efforts.
- Brought to you by the City of Turlock Municipal Services Department. For questions or additional information, please contact Municipal Services at 209-668-5590.

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