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Local animal rescue and shelter will soon be mobile
Kortney Rocha and Julia Roberts clean the stitches of a female cat with an amputated leg at the Community Veterinary Clinic on Tuesday. The cat will soon be released to the Friends of Turlock Animals rescue shelter and put up for adoption. - photo by ANDREA GOODWIN / The Journal
The general consensus in the Turlock Journal office on Monday was “awwww, he’s so cute!” The coos and baby talk were in response to a blind kitten that was brought in by LeeAnne Pinkerton from the Friends of Turlock Animals shelter. The kitten, who is looking for a home, sauntered around the conference room table, exploring with his paws and nose, oblivious to the bright flash of the camera that would usually scare a cat his age.
“He would do well with a kitten his own age, I think,” Pinkerton said, “he could learn what he should have learned from his litter mates.”
The 3 month-old male kitten doesn’t have a name yet. Pinkerton said that she and her husband avoid naming the animals, because future adopters usually like to pick out a name on their own. John Pinkerton and Friends of Turlock Animals volunteers take adoptable pets to Pet Extreme every Saturday and Sunday to find permanent homes for the animals. In a few weeks, however, they will be able to set up animal adoptions wherever they go.
Friends of Turlock Animals shelter recently purchased a custom built mobile adoption center. The trailer is a self contained adoption center with cages, a sink, air conditioning/ heating, and an area for potential new owners to bond with the animals. John Pinkerton said that the trailer will be the only one like it in this part of California.
The trailer has 22 cages and can hold more animals, depending on how many animals are in each cage. The van has a siding that folds up into an awning, with a glass display window behind it. People who are interested in adopting an animal can come inside the trailer and spend some time with their new pet.
“We’re really excited about (the new trailer). It’s almost like it isn’t real yet,” LeeAnne Pinkerton said.
The trailer was purchased with donations from local businesses and Turlockers who donated money in jars at Pet Extreme. The shelter also received a special grant from PetSmart Charities to purchase the vehicle. The mobile adoption unit will be on display at the Stanislaus County Fair.
Friends of Turlock Animals will be able to adopt out kittens, cats, and some dogs from the mobile unit. They get most of the animals at their rescue from local veterinarians. The blind kitten was the newest addition to the shelter on Tuesday, as he came from Community Veterinary Clinic in Turlock. Brandon Barrett, DVM, said that he trusts Friends of Turlock Animals with disabled cats that come from his clinic.
“If I send a cat to them then I don’t have to worry about anything bad happening to the animal,” Barrett said.
Barrett is currently treating a cat who lost a hind leg, and says that he will give the animal over to Friends of Turlock Animals once it is healed enough to find a home. He said that special cases and disabled cats are adopted pretty quickly from Friends of Turlock Animals, and he is sure that both animals will find homes.
For more information about adopting an animal from Friends of Turlock Animals, visit or go to the Turlock Pet Extreme on Saturday or Sunday from noon through 4 p.m.
To contact Andrea Goodwin, e-mail or call 634-9141 ext. 2003.