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Local doctor provides outpatient surgery in Turlock
Innovative procedure unique to Central Valley
Scott Colquhoun pic
Dr. Scott Colquhoun of Romeo Medical Clinic has provided outpatient surgery for patients since 2013, effectively allowing them to return home on the same day as their operation. - photo by Photo Contributed

Type of business: Orthopedic surgery


Hours: By appointment


Location: 1801 Colorado Ave. #170


Contact information: 209-216-3510


Specialty: Outpatient surgery


History of Business:


For many, the thought of surgery is often accompanied by dread of a prolonged hospital stay. Modern technology now allows those looking for joint replacement surgery the option to receive outpatient care, returning home for recovery the same day as the procedure. Thanks to the talents of Dr. Scott Colquhoun of Romeo Medical Clinic, patients can receive this innovative care right here in Turlock.

Outpatient surgery is defined as surgery performed in a hospital or ambulatory surgery center in which patients are discharged within 24 hours of the procedure. The procedure is typical for most orthopedic patients, including those needing carpal tunnel surgery, shoulder and knee arthroscopy and shoulder, hip and knee replacement surgery.

Colquhoun, founder of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Romeo Medical Clinic, has routinely performed these procedures at Tower Surgery Center since 2013, discharging patients to their homes on the same day as their operation.

“I have not needed to keep anyone overnight at the surgery center in years,” said Colquhoun.

There are countless benefits to outpatient surgery, said Colquhoun, which is why he decided to use his aptitude for orthopedic care to begin offering the procedures in the Central Valley – the only doctor to do so.

“Outpatient surgery centers offer a safe, clean, efficient and cost-effective environment for the surgical needs of my patients,” he said.

In the setting provided at the Tower Surgery Center, Colquhoun is able to have more control over his surgeries, from the type of implants he uses to the equipment he needs to perform the procedures. Other advantages to outpatient surgery include progress with pain control, blood loss mitigation and the ability to get patients up, out of bed and mobile on the same day as their surgery.

“It just makes sense to me,” said Colquhoun. “Most patients appreciate these benefits too. They especially enjoy recovering in the comfort of their own home.”

The best candidates for outpatient surgery are those with few major medical problems who have a good support system back at home. Though some insurance programs do not allow patients to have certain procedures in an outpatient surgery center, the protocol is changing rapidly.

Medicare spends several billions of dollars a year on knee replacements for its beneficiaries, and is currently contemplating whether or not to help pay for the procedure in both free-standing surgery centers and outpatients facilities. The final decision on the issue could come as soon as this year.

As with any surgery, there are always possible complications. But, none come with outpatient surgery that are not also present in surgeries that require a hospital stay, said Colquhoun, and hospital admissions or readmissions are seldom needed after the procedure. To ensure that patients are comfortable and safe during their recovery, Colquhoun provides them with his mobile phone number just in case any problems or questions should arise.

“They always have access to me,” he said.

With his special skill set acquired from years of continuing medical education and diligent, personalized approach to each patient’s care, Colquhoun is able to get clients back on their feet, ready to enjoy life in a quick and affordable manner.

“I believe in the benefits of outpatient joint replacement surgery,” said Colquhoun. “I’m committed to delivering high quality care by helping my patients achieve great outcomes at a reasonable cost.”

Colquhoun is contracted with most major insurance programs that include Preferred Provider Organization plans. Patients interested in seeing Colquhoun for a procedure can ask for a referral from their primary care provider, or call 209-216-3510 for an appointment.