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Losing for a cause
weight watchers pic
Bob Gilchrist and Margi Myers hold about 80 of the 675 pounds of food members of the Turlock Weight Watchers donated to the Turlock Gospel Mission in the past four weeks. - photo by KRISTINA HACKER / The Journal

Bob Gilchrist recently got rid of 41 pounds — of weight and food. The weight he lost over the past nine months through the Turlock branch of Weight Watchers. The food he donated to the Turlock Gospel Mission, as part of Weight Watchers' annual Lose for Good program.

For four weeks every fall, Weight Watchers members are encouraged to donate a pound of food for every pound lost. The food is then donated to a local organization that serves the hungry, like the Turlock Gospel Mission. Weight Watchers also donates money to national and international hunger programs, No Kid Hungry and Action Against Hunger.

"It's a good visual when they're losing weight," Weight Watchers manager Margi Myers said of the table full of donated food items at the Turlock office. "This group is very generous; very willing to help the community."

The approximately 250 members of the Turlock Weight Watchers lost 1,174. 4 pounds from Sept. 15 to Oct. 12 and donated 675 pounds of food.