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Mane attraction opens downtown
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The Mane Lounge opens in downtown Turlock today, bringing a modern, industrial dcor look along with top notch hair care services. - photo by Photo Contributed

Name of business: The Mane Lounge


Type of business: Salon


Location: 11 E. Main St., Turlock


Hours: By appointment


Contact information: 209-850-9298


Specialty: Hair color, cut and style


History of business:


Neve Yoseph’s first business endeavor, The Mane Lounge, opens its doors in downtown Turlock today, and the hairstylist is excited for more than just the opportunities that her new salon will bring – she’s excited about the location, and, more importantly, what that means for her clients.


“I’m mainly looking forward to having all of those amazing restaurants downtown for the clients to go to after they visit me!” Yoseph joked. “The atmosphere makes this all more exciting. Downtown Turlock is a cool little backdrop.”


Yoseph, her boyfriend, Nardin Ovrahim and their business partner Miguel Maldonado were inspired to open The Mane Lounge on Main Street after the success of Ovrahim’s barber shop, The Barber Lounge. Yoseph previously cut hair at Ulta, and the opening of the salon has finally allowed her to fulfill her career as a stylist.


“The Barber Lounge already has a good reputation in town, so we wanted to create something similar, but a more feminine version,” said Ovrahim. “There are a lot of salons in Turlock, but we have our own clientele and the way we build our relationships is very unique and different, so we wanted to create another establishment based on that.”


“I would say The Mane Lounge is just like The Barber Lounge, but more girly,” said Yoseph. “It’s a modern, contemporary industrial look – not like an explosion of glitter or anything.”


While the ceiling tiles at both The Mane Lounge and The Barber Lounge may be the same, the identical décor stops there, with unique lighting, seating and an entryway that sets Yoseph’s feminine venture apart from Ovrahim’s thanks to design by Jenia Maldonado.


Yoseph said that The Mane Lounge is still looking for five more stylists to fill up the salon’s stations, and candidates with established clientele are encouraged to inquire about open positions. 


A grand opening is in the works for February as well, she added, which will include a ribbon cutting ceremony and appetizers to celebrate.