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Martial Arts school breaks with tradition
IB Unleash It Martial Arts
Joey Moser stands strong with a group of his students at Unleash It Martial Arts. - photo by Photo Contributed

Name of Business: Unleash It Martial Arts

Type of Business: Martial Arts

Hours: Monday to Friday, 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and Saturday 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Location: 2060 E. Canal Dr.

Contact Information: 277-8542 or

Business Specialty: Self defense, martial arts fitness

Self-defense, physical health and a strong body and mind are key components to Joey Moser’s practices at his nontraditional karate school, Unleash It Martial Arts.

Involved in this fighting art for nearly 20 years, Moser’s dream of opening his own studio in Turlock came true in late September and has had nothing but positive feedback since.

“It’s kind of a family thing and we have a lot of families involved,” said Moser. “Everyone from the kids and their little brothers and sisters, to their big siblings and of course mom and dad.”

Unleash It offers group classes and private lesson programs for men, women and children with instructors that offer cutting edge classes to improve overall health.

“What makes us different than other karate schools is we are more fitness oriented… We sweat,” said Moser.

He explained that his classes include endurance type exercises that involve cardio and that the kids still learn self-defense but also empower themselves by getting a stronger body and mind that translates to martial arts.

“A lot of people let that slide and work technique over fitness,” he said. “But fitness is number one and then Martial Arts. That’s when you’ll have the best results.”

Moser prides himself on teaching a little differently and including aspects that he feels improves the atmosphere compared to traditional karate schools.

“They call me Joey, not ‘master,’ and I have the vibe like that for a reason,” he said.

He believes that allowing his students to call him by his name encourages them to see him on the same level as them, instead of above them.

“Many people don’t agree with that and think it’s disrespectful, but I think it’s disrespectful to them if they weren’t able to call me by my name,” said Moser. “It’s a lot harder to reach out to your master about your problems than it would be to Joey.”

Other business owners tend to shake their head at his financial practices.

“I would rather train 100 families than 1,000 students,” said Moser. “Business owners say it’s wrong, but it made me realize what I do is a little different.”

Moser commented that although he might be biased (as he was born and raised in Turlock) the students here are just technically gifted.

“I’ve taught martial arts all over, even the East Coast, but the kids here really seem to be with the program and don’t mind sweating,” he said. “They’re motivated, enjoy doing it and don’t take this practice for granted.”