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MedicAlert to mark return to Turlock
The Turlock Chamber of Commerce will welcome MedicAlert back home with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 345 p.m. Friday at the Foundation’s headquarters, 101 Lander Ave., Turlock (SABRA STAFFORD/The Journal).

It’s been a few months since MedicAlert moved back to its roots in Turlock and on Friday the return will be made official and marked with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Turlock residents Dr. Marion and Chrissie Collins created MedicAlert as a nonprofit organization in 1956, after their daughter, Linda, nearly died from an allergic reaction. Linda had cut her finger and required stitches at the local hospital. Within moments of receiving the tetanus toxin, she went into anaphylactic shock and almost died. The incident inspired the idea of engraved medical bracelets that would alert health workers of allergies and other medical conditions. In the beginning, they ran the Foundation from their living room in Turlock, using a big ledger to keep track of the individuals and their health concerns that had signed up for the burgeoning service.

Today, MedicAlert has grown into the world’s most recognized medical ID symbol and continues to find new avenues to get people the medical attention they need.

MedicAlert remained a part of the Turlock community until 2015, when the Foundation moved to Salida. It returned to Turlock this year when it moved into 101 Lander Avenue, a location that was once a bank and then a county building.

“Returning to Turlock with 63 years of providing life-saving services under our belt is a great moment for MedicAlert,” said Josefina Jervis, MedicAlert’s President and COO. “This move allows the foundation the opportunity to draw on our rich history while we carve out new and exciting paths for the future.”

The Turlock Chamber of Commerce will welcome MedicAlert back home with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Foundation’s headquarters. In attendance will be: MedicAlert CEO Bob Pearson; MedicAlert President and COO Josefina Jervis; Karry Walker, granddaughter of MedicAlert’s founders; Mayor of Turlock, Amy Bublak; and a number of MedicAlert Board Members and staff.