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Memories of dad
You want us to pick just one memory and I have been sitting down thinking about this and I realized I have too many great memories to pick. Like when I was learning to ride my bike without training wheels and I fell off and cut my knee and my Dad carried me inside and cleaned it up then put me back on it and I remember him running next to me when I finally got it. Or when we would lay in the back yard at night and watch the stars in the sky. Or when he would hold my hair when I had the flu and used to cry every single time I got sick, even though I know he thought I was a cry baby. Or when he would tell me every night before I went to bed that he loved me even when I did stupid things and I knew he was mad he would always say those three little words. Or how he has forgiven me for not being close to a perfect daughter, but he loves and praises me all the same. Were the greatest memories dancing with him at my wedding and crying the whole time or was it seeing him hold and love everyone of my three babies? He picked me up has a little girl and he is still picking me up as a women. To pick one memory of such a great man is an impossible task. My dad, Todd Weaver, has always been my hero and I will always be a proud Daddy's girl. Danee' Wallace

When the Journal asked readers to submit memories of their dad for the Father's Day edition, it didn't take long before stories of inspiration and joy began to filter in.

Each of the memories in today's paper gives just a brief glimpse into what makes local fathers special in the eyes of their families. From spending quality time with family despite daily pressures of work and home, to a shared love of rock, local dads are something special.

Many of these memories are funny and touching — and some shine a light on the deeper impact a father can make on a child's life.

Thank you Journal readers for sharing your dads with us in this special way.

To read all the Father's Day memories submitted, pick up a copy of the June 15 print edition of the Turlock Journal.