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More apartments in the works for Turlock
20th Century Blvd apartments
M. Sandhu Development, Inc. has submitted plans to the City of Turlock to build an apartment complex at 145 20th Century Blvd. (ANGELINA MARTIN/The Journal).

More housing could soon be available in Turlock, should a recent application to build apartments in the center of town be approved.

Ceres resident Manjit Sandhu of M. Sandhu Development, Inc. submitted plans to the City of Turlock last month to construct a 36-unit apartment complex at 145 20th Century Blvd. The project would extend through the 1.92-acre vacant lot behind Walgreen’s, spanning from 20th Century Boulevard across to Hawkeye Avenue with entrances on both sides. 

According to Sandhu, he was interested in building apartments in Turlock because there is a lack of affordable housing in the area. It will be the first apartment complex his development company builds, as they typically construct single-family residential homes. 

“I think it’s a great project. The first time I learned of this property, I immediately wrote an offer. It’s in a nice, central location and is close to all of the shopping,” Sandhu said.

The apartment complex would consist of five two-story buildings approximately 27 feet in height. Each unit will include a patio for first-floor apartments, or a balcony area for those on the second story. The project aligns with the City’s goal of developing infill projects, rather than expanding Turlock’s city limits with new construction outwards. 

“This parcel has been sitting here since the 90s, ever since that shopping center was built,” Sandhu said. “If there are other infill lots I can pick up, I would love to do that and build more apartments for people.”

While the apartments aren’t low-income housing, there is a need for more affordable housing in Turlock. According to Affordable Housing Online, a web database of affordable housing in towns throughout the country, 47.1 percent of households in Turlock are renters. About 53 percent of those who rent in Turlock are considered “rent overburdened,” meaning more than 30 percent of their gross income goes toward rent.

The City is making progress, recently completing the second phase of the Avena Bella affordable housing project and an additional 36-unit apartment complex located on a 1.53-acre property at 1841 Geer Rd. It’s Sandhu’s goal to construct more renter-friendly options for Turlockers following this project, which he anticipates to be completed by summer 2022 should it be approved by the City.

“The plans are almost ready. We’ve had a couple preliminary meetings with the City of Turlock and they’re all for it,” he said.