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More Denair development on the way
Supervisors approve commercial, residential projects
Denair development
A landscaping and concrete supply business will soon be built on the southeast corner of East Monte Vista Avenue and North Santa Fe Avenue in Denair after approval from the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors (ANGELINA MARTIN/The Journal).

The Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors last week unanimously approved development projects in Denair which will bring more housing and a new business to town.

At their Aug. 17 meeting, the Board voted to approve a housing project at 4800 Kersey Rd. in Denair between North Gratton Road and Story Road as well as a landscaping and concrete supply/delivery service at the southeast corner of East Monte Vista Avenue and North Santa Fe Avenue. 

The housing project will bring up to 20 new dwellings to Denair, while Gonzales Ready-Mix and Landscaping Supply will develop the eastern gateway to the town while providing the community with a place to purchase concrete and more. 

The Gonzales Ready-Mix and Landscaping Supply project was originally intended to first be considered by the county planning commission in January of this year, but after concerns were raised by residents, the applicant was allowed more time in order to have a noise assessment prepared. 

In early correspondence, two Denair residents raised concerns with potential noise, as well as traffic and groundwater contamination. Following the findings of the noise assessment, the applicant amended the hours of operation so that the concrete delivery service will begin at 7 a.m. rather than 6 a.m.

As the parcel is a gateway into Denair, county staff worked with the applicant to enhance the fencing and landscape screening along the road frontages, to better screen the materials storage area and concrete equipment. Instead of the originally proposed chain link fencing, the applicant will be installing wrought iron fencing along the road frontages, and landscaping will include screening trees and decorative shrubs.

While some still expressed concern over the commercial use of the property so close to residential zones, community members like James Shehan, owner of Denair business Grandma’s Treasures, believes the business would be a great asset to the community and suggested a concrete sound barrier on the E. Monte Vista side as a buffer between the project site and neighboring residential area.

“...I think that it’s always the responsibility of people to be responsive to the concerns in the community, and it seems to me that this applicant has done that, so I’ll be in support of it,” Supervisor Vito Chiesa said.