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More than just waffles at the Waffle Shop
waffle shop 2
Located just off of Highway 99 at West Main Street, Waffle Shop offers more than just waffles. The restaurant offers country cooking with a specialty in omelettes as well.

Name of Business: Waffle Shop

Type of Business: Breakfast and lunch restaurant

Hours: 5 a.m. to 3 p.m. seven days a week

Location: 1601 West Main Street at Highway 99

Contact Information: 632-8880

History of Business:  Follow Main Street westward towards Highway 99 and the downtown boutiques give way to larger, more industrial businesses amongst which one restaurant stands out: Waffle House.

With an enormous sign visible from Highway 99, Waffle Shop has been planted at the same location for six years where employees of the nearby industrial plants are prone to stop for a meal.

“We also get a lot of travelers and people going out of town,” said Mike Muhareb, who co-owns the restaurant with his cousin Chuck Muhareb.

The Turlock Waffle Shop location is not the cousins’ only restaurant. There are 10 Waffle Shops located between Fresno and Oroville that serve diners looking for a hearty breakfast or lunch.

“We started the first one in Lodi 27 years ago and wanted to expand from there,” said Muhareb. “It worked well so we kept copying it.”

While waffles are no doubt the specialty at the Waffle Shop, the family owned restaurant chain is also known for their omelettes.

“We have big omelettes and a lot of variety with 15 different kinds,” said Muhareb.

Customers can also get a less well known dish: chicken and waffles. With the ability to order the chicken in pieces or strips and even wings, the dish has proved popular for diners at the Waffle Shop, which also offers a senior menu that caters to the older crowd.

Business Specialty: Waffles and omelettes.