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Nancy Tries... The Country Life
IMG 8803
Nancy feeds one of Tami Truax' horses during the filming of the third segment of her series Nancy Tries... - photo by Frankie Tovar

If someone were to tell me I would spend an entire day working in a ranch, I would never believe them. I’m a born and bred city girl whose only farm experience was when I went on a classroom fieldtrip in the second grade to a local ranch with my classmates.  

So when Earl Elementary Principal Tami Truax invited me to shoot my next segment of “Nancy Tries…” on her ranch, I was certain it was going to be a challenge from the very start.

In the third segment of my “Nancy Tries…” series I strapped on my cowgirl boots and took a shot at living the country life at 4-T Ranch owned and operated by Tami Truax.

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