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Nancy tries...making a Kaep Dog
nancy tries-footers
Reporter Nancy Angel tries making a Kaep Dog at Main Street Footers. - photo by FRANKIE TOVAR / The Journal

Sometimes people take pride in their town through statues. Sometimes they decide to build a monument or a park.

 And sometimes, just sometimes, they decided to put every ounce of pride into a hot dog.

In the second video segment of my “Nancy Tries…” series I took a shot at making Turlock's most famous hot dog — the Kaep Dog. In December 2012, Turlock landmark hot dog restaurant, Main Street Footers, announced it would honor hometown football hero Colin Kaepernick with his own hot dog.

Footers held a community contest to find the best ingredients to make up the Kaep Dog. In January, the winner was named and now when customers order the Kaep Dog they receive a footer, dressed in Kaep sauce —a mix of Thousand Island dressing, horseradish, mustard, and cayenne pepper — chili, coleslaw, and jalapenos.

When I tried my hand at making a Kaep Dog, I could  almost feel the pride and community spirit that went into the creation of this hotdog.

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