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New boutique brings city style downtown
In Business
Adrina and Ricardo Silveira were inspired to bring fashion trends from the big city home to Turlock with the opening of their new downtown boutique, Intro. - photo by ANGELINA MARTIN/The Journal

Name of business: Intro

Type of business: Fashion boutique

Location: 133 W. Main St., Turlock

Hours: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday; 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday – Saturday; noon to 5 p.m. Sunday

Contact: 209-633-3060

Specialty: On-trend, city-inspired clothing

History of business:

After nearly a decade of living and working in the big city, Turlock natives Adrina and Ricardo Silveira knew just what downtown Turlock needed when they returned home to open the city’s newest boutique, Intro.

“The city is where I found my feet in terms of my personal style and who I am…being in a city with more diversity and different people really helped,” said Adrina. “We wanted to do something a little bit different than what the town has seen so far, bring in a different aesthetic and see if it works.”

Intro is the married couple’s attempt to bring city-influenced wear to our Central Valley town, providing casual and formal clothing at price points that all shoppers can afford. Adrina said that she often hears friends in Turlock say they have to drive out of town to find clothing for special occasions, and she and Ricardo were inspired to help combat that problem.

“I want people that have $80 to spend on a dress to find something here, and I want someone with $300 to be able to find something. I want people to walk in and not be intimidated in terms of pricing, and we wanted something for everyone that’s equally cut on all ends,” said Adrina. “We want to have those nicer options for people so they don’t always have to feel like they’re leaving town. You can come here and get some high-end, quality stuff.”

“And with the vendors she deals with, that’s all she picks is quality clothing,” added Ricardo.

With denim brands like J Brand and OneTeaspoon, MISA Los Angeles dresses, accessories by Elizabeth and James and jewelry by Kozakh, Intro’s wide variety of options incorporate on-trend details like velvet and leather while providing different styles for unique customers. For example, more classic-leaning shoppers might opt for one of the floral maxi dresses near Intro’s window, while a fashionista looking to make a statement can look just down the rack to a sophisticated tuxedo dress.

To stay on top of latest trends like these, Adrina sifts through social media, eyeing the likes of top fashion bloggers and industry trailblazers.

“We really pay attention to what is on-trend now, but I don’t want the shop to be trendy – I think those are two very different things,” said Adrina. “Anything you’re seeing on social media, or anything you’re seeing the ‘it’ girls wear, we just want everyone to have that option in Turlock.”

The couple graduated from Turlock High School in 2000, and since then have seen their counterparts working and thriving in Turlock’s booming downtown core. To be part of a small, but big, town is exciting, they said, and Intro will fit right in.

“You have all of these people in their 20s and 30s who live in a small town, but it’s not such a small town anymore – it’s kind of turning into a big city,” said Adrina. “We wanted to be a part of that change where everyone wants to make this town have more variety and more options…just make it a little more exciting. We love the small-town feel, but we like the options of what Turlock as a city has to offer.”