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New food truck complex in the works for Turlock
food truck complex Golden State
A portion of the lot at Best Price Auto Sales, 1148 N. Golden State Blvd., will soon be home to a new food truck complex (KRISTINA HACKER/The Journal).

The city of Turlock will soon have another multi-unit taco-truck park, much like the one at the southeast corner of the East Avenue-Center Street intersection.

Best Price Auto Sales, 1148 N. Golden State Blvd., sought a conditional-use permit that would allow them host more than two trucks currently allowed.

By a 6-0 vote — commissioner Jim Reape was absent — the city’s planning commission granted the CUP, and now Best Price Auto Sales will be allowed to host up to six trucks on the lot.

“We just see it as a good opportunity for small-business owners,” said Daniel Sotoadeh of Best Price Auto Sales. “And we just didn’t see a place that was toward that end of town giving the opportunity to small-business owners and customers to be able to get taco-truck food.”

But Sotoadeh envisions more than just Mexican food.

“We’ve talked with the people coming in and there’s going to be a variety of foods,” said Sotadeh. “There’s going to be an American grill type of truck and there’s going to be a juice bar coming in.”

Also expected to open a truck on the lot are the owners of Agave Azul Kitchen and Tequila Bar in Hughson. 

Sisters Sandra and Gabby Lujan said their truck will be called Las Katrinas, which will serve more than your typical taco-truck fare.

“Our main focus will be guisados,” which Sandra Lujan described as traditional Mexican comfort foods, such as chile verde, chicarrones and salsa, and chilaquiles.

“And you can’t find that on food typical food trucks,” said Gabby Lujan.

In addition, Las Katrinas will feature homemade corn and flour tortillas.

“That’s the one thing we want to bring to our food truck,” said Sandra Lujan. “That’s what has always brought a lot of people to our restaurant.”

The sisters will be traveling to Mexico City in the coming weeks to see what other delicacies they can bring to Las Katrinas.

“We’re still working on our menu, because we want to bring something that nobody else has here,” said Sandra Lujan.

The Lujans were just two of the many taco truck operators that have approached Sotoadeh over the years.

“We’ve had so many people coming to us over the past 20 years asking us if we’d ever consider giving them space on that lot,” said Sotoadeh. “We finally said, ‘Let’s dedicate a section of it so that they can do that.’ So, we feel like it’s a win-win for the consumers here and Turlock and the small-business owners.”