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New homes coming to Hawkeye
Potter's Landing
Potter’s Landing is a new subdivision currently under construction on Hawkeye Avenue, expected to be completed in about six months (ANGELINA MARTIN/The Journal).

The community surrounding Crowell Elementary School has been developed for years, but the area is now seeing new construction in the form of nine modern homes.

Construction has already begun on the subdivision called Potter’s Landing, located on Hawkeye Avenue behind the school. The project on the 1.57-acre property aligns with the City of Turlock’s General Plan intentions of encouraging infill development, or developing vacant land in an already urbanized community. Assistant to the City Manager for Economic Development and Housing Maryn Pitt described the lot, which is smaller than the typical space used for home development, as a “pocket” subdivision.

The subdivision was given the go-ahead by the Turlock City Council in 2015, when both a rezone and development standard deviations were approved, allowing for a slight increase in density and variations in City code for the planned development. The variations include permitting no sidewalks in the subdivision instead of the standard five-foot sidewalk, and lengths in the side yards vary as well.

These variations were included in the subdivision’s plan due to a few constraints on the property, like the 22-foot public utilities easement running underneath the lot. Properties with easements, which house utilities for the City of Turlock, Turlock Irrigation District and PG&E, are typically considered “no-go zones,” but the included variations circumvent issues posed by the easement.

Despite approval four years ago, the Potter’s Landing property has remained vacant — until now. Canada-based company Everest Development Group recently acquired the project after its original development plan fell through, and has started constructing the first of nine homes in the subdivision. Sam Singh of EDG said the development company is actively looking to purchase Central Valley properties that have already gone through the rezoning process, and said Potter’s Landing was “low-hanging fruit.”

“Canadian companies are betting hard on U.S. real estate, especially in Central California,” Singh said. “If you find a property that’s zoned and entitled already, you can just get right into it. This was a good opportunity for us to build one out.”

There are three floorplans to choose from in the subdivision, which are all roughly about 2,000 square feet, Singh said. All homes are single-family dwellings with three bedrooms and a garage, and Singh added that those interested in purchasing a home can sign up and begin adding personal touches as construction rolls along.

“It’s going to be a first-come, first-serve basis, and the faster we can get people signing contracts we can customize their homes for them,” Singh said.

As the subdivision’s first home goes up and construction on the second gets underway, development on the subdivision’s infrastructure will also start. A new road will be built off of Hawkeye Avenue and into the subdivision, and decorative fencing and landscaping will be installed along the property line adjacent to Crowell Elementary School.

Price points on the homes will be in the $400,000 range, Singh said, and construction is expected to be completed on the subdivision in about six months. Those interested in purchasing a home in Potter’s Landing can contact Singh at 209-857-0913.