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New recreation programs focus on fitness for the whole family
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Exercising more is a common goal for many in the new year. Turlockers looking to get in shape now have a new resource as the City of Turlock Recreation Department is launching family fitness programs beginning this month.
The Recreation Department is hoping more families will work together toward physical fitness.
“The trend right now is fitness,” said Juliene Flanders, Turlock Recreation Department superintendent. “We are trying to push family fitness. If mom and dad do it, the kids will do it and it will create a family life style.”
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s launch of the Fit for the Future program last year helped to bring fitness back into focus with walking clubs and nutritional gardens popping up at schools all around the state.
The Recreation Department started their physical fitness classes with a marathon-mile class, which won them an award from the Fit for the Future program, Flanders said. Since then the department has branched out and diversified with more physical fitness classes.
There are seven new classes being offered in 2010 with five of them starting in January and the other two starting in March. The classes range from $12 per session to $50 per session.
These classes are all entry-level classes for those to start physical fitness, Flanders said.
“We want people to start off slowly in these classes,” she said. “They can build the physical fitness habits in the class then pursue fitness further, on their own.”
The beginning fitness classes offered for the new year will lead into a teen boot camp expected to start up in the summer of 2010, Flanders said. But four out of the seven new classes offered are targeted for the little ones.
There is a one-mile run class that is offered for ages 3 to 14 years on April 24 to encourage children to walk, run or jog a mile with their family, Flanders said.
“It is something to target the younger ones in a fun environment,” she said.
There is also a Leaps and Bounds class for tiny tots that will be kicking off in the second week of January to teach children drills and exercises to help develop eye/hand coordination, motor skills and establish groundwork for future fitness.
The six-week Club Fit class will help children experience a high-energy and fun exercise class. There are three sessions offered for this class at $44 per session. This class is open to 7 to 12 year olds.  
Three out of the seven classes — Yoga, T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Run/Walk Strengthening and Conditioning — target older teenagers to adults.
To register for any of the family fitness programs, contact the Turlock Recreation Office at 668-5594.
To contact Maegan Martens, e-mail or call 634-9141 ext. 2015.