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New Spectrum store opens in Turlock
A new Spectrum store has opened in Monte Vista Crossings, giving the community a chance to try the company’s services in person (Photo contributed).

Name of business: Spectrum

Type of business: Video, internet and voice services

Location: 2725 Countryside Dr., Turlock

Hours: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday; noon to 5 p.m. Sunday

Contact information: 888-406-7063

Specialty: High-speed internet


History of business:

A brand-new Spectrum store has opened in Turlock, giving the community a convenient option for learning more about the company’s wide variety of services including video, internet, voice and its latest offering, mobile.

The first of its kind in town, the new Spectrum store features a relaxed environment where customers can try out services firsthand. The store is located on the south end of Monte Vista Crossings near Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The store features a new service, Spectrum Mobile, which combines the nation’s largest LTE network and a nationwide network of Spectrum WiFi hotspots designed to save customers money. It’s estimated that Spectrum Mobile can save consumers up to 40 percent on a single line compared to other carriers, and customers can either bring their own phone in or choose from the latest mobile devices and accessories in the store, activating their service right then and there.

Consumers also have the opportunity to experience the power of Spectrum Internet, featuring starting speeds of 100 Mbps and plans with connections up to 1 gigabit per second, as well as the interactive Spectrum TV App, which gives customers access to the Spectrum TV content across a wide variety of platforms and devices, including Apple TV 4K. The newest Apple TV allows customers with Spectrum TV and Internet to enjoy the Spectrum TV App, along with thousands of other apps, iTunes and more — all through one device.

“Our new Spectrum stores provide an updated design and enhancements for showcasing innovation across the full suite of Spectrum services,” said Pattie Eliason, Group Vice President, Spectrum Stores. “Our representatives will show customers the latest advances in technology — including our exciting new Spectrum Mobile options — help them become familiar with using it and put together just the right package of Spectrum services for their home and family.”

The new store is open seven days a week. Along with sampling and ordering Spectrum services, customers can also complete a variety of transactions at the store, including account payments and upgrading or exchanging equipment.

Information on Spectrum store locations can be found online at along with more information about Spectrum products and services.