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Not your average kitchen
Pro athlete opens meal prep restaurant in heart of Turlock
Fit Kitchen Meal Prep 1
Fit Kitchen Meal Prep LLC founders and owners Mike and Erika Phillips have made their lifestyle into a reality as they opened their physical location in downtown Turlock last week (CHRISTOPHER CORREA/The Journal).

Name of business: Fit Kitchen Meal Prep LLC.

Type of business: Restaurant

Specialty: Meal prep plans

Location: 28 Lander Ave., Turlock

Hours: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sundays

Contact: (209) 606-1634 or


History of business:

Like many other entrepreneurs, Erika and Mike Phillips found opportunity amidst the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Modesto natives both compete in bodybuilding – Erika competing professionally under the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness – and had dedicated much of their free time to meal planning. Since then, the couple has turned their lifestyle into a business in downtown Turlock.

On July 24, the duo opened Fit Kitchen Meal Prep LLC at 28 Lander Ave., Turlock, a space previously occupied by Mexican restaurants Maria’s Taco Shop and El Rancho Potosino. The opening came just over one month since they bought the building in late June.

“It all happened so fast,” Mike said. “We've been training for years prior to our meal prep. We're training hard, but we didn’t know if we were eating the right stuff, and once we kind of figured that out, we dialed all our meal plans down and our business pretty much got going.”

Back in 2020 when the couple first started researching ad preparing meals, Mike was working as a metal fabricator while Erika was a sales representative. When they introduced their meals to acquaintances at local gyms, the business took off, so much so that they each quit their jobs to focus on selling meal plan full-time.

Fit Kitchen Meal Prep 2
The menu at Fit Kitchen Meal Prep was created using everyday foods with minimal ingredients. Each meal is weighed on a food scale with calories and other nutritional facts printed on each package (Photo contributed).

“We just went into all these gyms around Modesto and asked if we could sell them our products, and everyone was all for it,” Erika explained. “And when I started winning these shows once I went pro, I gave people our business card, and that really helped give us credibility.”

“It picked up pretty rapidly, like to the point where we could pay our bills with what we were bringing in,” Mike added. “She quit her job first in December of 2020, and when the orders kept rolling in, she needed my help. Working eight hours, it was just crazy.”

Once they each quit their jobs, they took up shop at the Turlock Food Commissary on 145 S. Kilroy Rd., delivering meals to clients. When business continued to boom, they started searching for a permanent spot, eventually landing at their current location, and they have truly made it their own, decorating the space with trophies and medals from their bodybuilding competitions.

As for the menu at Fit Kitchen Meal Prep, it was created using everyday foods with minimal ingredients. Each meal is weighed on a food scale with calories and other nutritional facts printed on each package. The meals, which span anywhere from protein pancakes, meats, rice and vegetables, are made fresh and never frozen and are ready to microwave or be put over a stovetop.

“We use the leanest proteins and freshest vegetables that are all locally sourced,” Erika said. “All our meals are low carb, though we do offer certain carbs for diabetics. We have a senior citizen discount, a first responders discount for all the first responders. Nothing is ever frozen. It's always fresh. No sugars, no oils. We have gluten-free and keto plans available. We just want this to be a true one-stop shop.”

Mike explained that some meals will be rotating to give customers different flavors.

Customers can order meal packs of up to 20 meals through the business’ website at and request delivery or pick-up. Customers can also walk in the store to purchase single dishes from the fridges. For those walking in for a quick bite, there are microwaves available and seating areas.

“Ultimately, we want people to be on a meal plan,” Mike said. “When they come in, we have an iPad right there, we're going to help them with the meal planning to get them started. It's a lot cheaper to order a meal plan than it is to buy single dishes every day.”

Those interested are encouraged to visit the restaurant, the website, and to follow the business on social media at @FitKitchenMealPrepLLC on Instagram and at FitKitchenMealPrepLLC on Facebook.

“The text messages we get and posts we see from our customers and to see them reach their goals, whether it’s the amount of weight they lost, the muscle they built or even how their blood pressure is under control, all these little things tell me that we’re doing the right thing,” Erika said. “It's all very rewarding.”