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Pedretti Field draws tourism dollars
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Turlock will host a major softball tournament in August 2012, and the economic benefits for the town could be significant.

Turlock’s Pedretti Park continues to bring sporting events to Turlock, which means more visitor dollars spent locally.

“We have a busy season once again, we’re very excited,” said Allison Van Guilder, Turlock Parks and Recreation supervisor.

The tournament will be a girls’ softball national championship scheduled for August 2012 and is expected to bring 40 to 60 teams to town, Van Guilder said.

“The economic benefit of that event is going to be significant for the community,” she said.

Turlock Parks and Recreation works with the Turlock Convention and Visitor’s Bureau to draw sporting events to Turlock which could help boost the local economy. Turlock will host several National Softball Association Girl’s tournaments in 2011, including “Touch em’ all in Turlock” in April and the Bilsons’ Fathers Day Classic in June.

Desa Basulto, director of the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, said that each player brings in about $70 for local businesses for a single-day visit. That estimate includes money for gas, food, snacks and incidentals spent by each player and his or her family members during their trip to Turlock. An overnight stay averages about $150 per player.

Basulto said the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau welcomes all sporting events and tournaments to Pedretti Park and other Turlock facilities. The visitors spend money locally, and they get acquainted with Turlock.

“We have the opportunity to really showcase our facilities at these kinds of events,” she said.

If each team averages 12 players, there could be anywhere from 240 to 720 softball players visiting Turlock. That is anywhere between $16,800 and $50,400 spent in Turlock if each team only stays one day. If 40 teams stay for three nights, the total money spent would be around $216,000.

Pedretti Park is a regional sports facility that has four softball fields and a hardball field. There are also concession stands and grass volleyball courts. Van Guilder said maintenance staff keeps the field in great shape year round.

“People continue to come back because they love the facilities,” Van Guilder said.

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